MoreHisto, artificial intelligence
at the service of life sciences

Make measurable what is not

MoreHisto publishes software that facilitate and accelerate the analysis of biologic and cellular microscope images. Our histologic and histopathologic analysis and quantification solutions accelerate R&D in the life science domain and constitute a clinical decision aid (cancer diagnosis and prognosis) for health practitioners.

Rapid and exhaustive biologic and cellular image analysis

MoreHisto has been conceived by a multidisciplinary team consisting of two INSERM researchers, one a specialist in biology and the other in the analysis of medical microscopy images, and an anatomical pathologist.

Their insights :

Research in biology, medicine and pharmaceutics, in addition to clinical diagnostics, requires qualitative and quantitative analysis of very high resolution images of biological specimens
Today’s microscopes are more and more powerful, providing larger and larger volumes of data, but there is currently no solution to efficiently analyze the entirety of the vast quantity of data acquired from virtual histological slides
MoreHisto’s software solutions were developed to facilitate the work of research laboratories specialising in life sciences, CROs and health practitioners by measuring, quantifying and comparing data which has been impossible up until now due to the very large volume of microscope images.

Artificial intelligence at the heart of our solution

Our solutions take advantage of artificial intelligence technology to allow automated and reliable multi-parametric analysis of digital microscope slides.

Designed for research laboratories specialising in life sciences and health practitioners, MoreHisto’s solutions allow fast, exhaustive and reproducible qualitative and quantitative analysis of the large volume of data obtained from very high resolution virtual histologic slides.
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