• Make measurable 
    what is not
    Artificial intelligence at the service of life sciences
    Rapidly perform precise and objective
    quantification of digital slides

  • Make measurable 
    what is not
    Artificial intelligence at the service of life sciences
    Perform measurements, quantification and
    comparisons which couldn’t be performed
    until now

About MoreHisto

Biological image analysis software

MoreHisto takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology to accelerate the multiparametric analysis of digital microscope slides. Our software solution allows researchers in histology and histopathology, as well as health practitioners to perform a rapid, exhaustive and reproducible analysis of slide data.


Research laboratories and CROs

Processing and characterisation of the large volume of data obtained from very high resolution biologic and cellular images.
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Health practitioners

Cancerous cell detection in patient specimens and aid in the clinical interpretation of the analysis of the large volume of data obtained from slides.
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Thanks to MoreHisto, I saved precious time during the analysis of results of my PhD studies on the resistance of cancerous cells to radiotherapy.
I had a large number of images which were difficult to process from both technical and temporal points of view. I needed an intelligent and easy-to-use “all-in-one” tool to perform the task for me. 

The solution saved me from tedious work, whilst providing reproducible analyses which are essential in my research field. In particular, it allowed me to corroborate the first results obtained via other software.
Safa Louati PhD student in biology


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8th Hewlett Packard Enterprise Acceleration Program Winners

MoreHisto has been chosen as a winner of the 8th Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) acceleration program. 12 French startups and innovative companies were chosen from around 50 candidates after passing the jury. Winners will be able to benefit from a 1-year business support provided by HPE’s senior executives. MoreHisto will also benefit from HPE’s key resources including networks of […]

Réseau Entreprendre Isère Awards Event

The Réseau Entreprendre Isère, France organized its annual event to celebrate its 28 laureates (of year 2021) with more than 400 attendees on April 4th at the Centre de Congrès du World Trade Center Grenoble. David ARGENTI, CEO represented MoreHisto, a winner from the 2021 batch. It was a great opportunity to meet a group of very […]

MoreHisto Software Featured in the Brain | Oxford Academic Journal

The MoreHisto software solution was featured in a research paper entitled “Aberrant neuronal connectivity in the cortex drives generation of seizures in rat absence epilepsy” recently published in Brain journal.

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