When President Macron describes Morehisto without knowing it! 

Dec 28 2023

Morehisto is very honoured to have been invited by the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, to the France 2030 plan review, from the Airbus premises in Toulouse.

We were also delighted by the President's words, which perfectly reflected the focus of MoreHisto's products: 


"It's about increasing knowledge of risk factors, predictive biomarkers and pathological situations, and translating this knowledge into concrete action to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat, by mobilising both the industrial health ecosystem and the research community.... We're going to pull out all the stops on prevention and predictive medicine, so that we can go much faster and much stronger."

On AI:  

" bring out components and system architectures for massive data processing in artificial intelligence, with the objective of energy consumption that is divided by 100 or 1,000 compared with current standards for processors and current graphics cards.  

... We need to develop the much smaller production capacity we need for AI. But we need to win the battle for sober AI. That's key and that's where we can differentiate. "

Thank you, Mr. President, for describing in your speech what Morehisto has been working towards since its creation: developing precision medicine through solutions that significantly improve prognosis and diagnosis in oncology thanks to an image analysis solution based on AI small data models!

We are also grateful to have been supported by France2030 as part of our ILAB 2023 prize.

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