MoreHisto Software Featured in the French Life Imaging 2021 Award

Dec 15 2021

Ms. Safa Louati, a PhD student at the “Laboratoire de Radiobiologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire” in Lyon, France wins the French Life Imaging 2021 award for her work using the MoreHisto software solution.

Ms. Louati works on studying the role of stress granules in tumor cells in response to radiotherapy. One of her experiments compares cells populations subjected to different radiography doses. For this, she analyzed a huge number of images obtained with fluorescence microscopy. Her analysis was achieved utilizing the MoreHisto software with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) companion tool.

The AI model was generated by annotating only four images. This filter was then applied on the whole set of images to simultaneously analyze them. To know more about the award, you can visit:

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